Snow & Ice Management

Wolfscape commercial snow and ice management services has the experience and the reputation that has won it contracts with some of the largest property managers in North-East Ohio. Each Wolfscape client can expect to receive personalized service, fast response times and clear pavement every time it snows. Call us to learn how we make a difference, while remaining affordable!

Snowplowing Services

Winter weather presents a unique challenge for business owners. Access to your property, the appearance of your facility, and even your customers' safety all depend upon Mother Nature's whim.

Wolfscape's snow plowing service is the one you can count on to have walkways, driveways, roadways and parking lots clear and safe.

We limit the volume of work per each truck, in order to assure adequate time for completion. This assures that your property gets the attention it deserves

Personal Attention

Each Wolfscape driver is trained on their route prior to the first snowfall. In fact, each driver personally installs their own marker stakes to assume the safety of curbs, turf, sidewalks and other landscaping that is often destroyed by careless operators.

We Have the Fleet for Sleet

Wolfscape has a large fleet of trucks and equipment to handle every job we take - no matter the size. During the winter months, Wolfscape offers a 24-hour snow management service with the equipment and the personnel to respond to any snow or ice emergency.

Wolfscape Offers

  • Plowing and Salting Service
  • Ice Mitigation
  • 24-Hour Snow Management
  • Emergency Service
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal
  • Manual Snow Removal
  • Snow Relocation