Landscape Management

Wolfscape's experience and training gives you a lawn to be proud of, while saving you money and time. Call Wolfscape today for a free estimate and to receive a full Scope of Work. We'll show you how we've earned, and kept, our loyal clients for over a decade!

Spring and Fall Clean Up

  • Clean debris, leaves, branches, etc. from lawn and planting bed areas.
  • Deep spade edge planting beds to 3" depth.
  • Final fall clean up: remove leaves from turf and planting bed areas to designated on-site location; or we can remove them from your property.
  • Cut back perennials & ornamental grasses.
  • Additional Charge: Prune trees to remove dead wood; trim bushes to ensure a clean, sharp appearance.
  • Additional Charge: Apply pre-emergent weed control in planting bed areas to help form a weed barrier.

Weekly Maintenance

  • General debris clean up.
  • Mow on as-needed basis to maintain a 2 1/2" to 3" height (weather permitting; we will keep your lawn looking clean and neat, not to exceed 7 days between cuts).
  • Edge concrete drive and walk areas to keep sharp, clean appearance.
  • Trim weekly around structures, planting beds, utilities, etc.
  • Blow off all walks, drives and patios to remove grass clippings, leaves and debris.

Bed Maintenance

  • Wolfscape applies selective herbicides and hand pulls grass and weeds in planting bed areas weekly.


Mid Summer:

  • Trimming bushes, shrubs, etc. under 5" caliper to horticulture standards to maintain a neat clean appearance.
  • Removal of all debris and most of clippings.
  • Under certain circumstances. Drastic pruning or thinning of material may be necessary due to overgrowth in certain areas or applications.


  • Touch up of new growth following same procedures as stated above for mid summer.
  • Removal or tying up all ornamental grasses.


  • Wolfscape offers a five-step fertilization plan that keeps your turf green and weed free. Our technicians are trained in the proper application of fertilizations and herbicides. By using only high-quality lawn care products, we avoid problems encountered by "discount lawn care" companies. No matter what fertilization program you select, you can be assured that we will treat your lawn as if we're in front of our headquarters - or our homes!
  • Wolfscape uses premium products providing controlled release and a minimum of one-pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. This provides you with a healthy, well balanced turf care program.
  • Rain, drought, or other unforeseen circumstances may vary the time and/or products used per application(s).


  • Recommended in Spring or Fall to help promote a stronger and deeper root system in harder compacted soils.
  • Helps to loosen and decompose thatch which can eventually prevent nutrients and moisture from reaching turf roots.

Grub Control

  • Recommended in early Summer to form a barrier in turf areas. This kills grubs in their infant stage.
  • Once grubs hatch, feed and burrow into the ground it's too late. You don't know you have them until you see the damage in early Fall when they resurface fully grown and hungry. By the time you kill them they can do serious damage to turf grass areas.

Dormant Hand Pruning

Recommended when shrubs and trees become larger and need to be thinned out and dead wood needs to be removed.

Pruning lets sun and air into the plant again so it can fill out more naturally.

If shrubs grow too large, your only choice is to replace them.


  • Neatly mulched beds improve the appearance of any landscape. But beyond its appearance, a layer of mulch provides many other benefits. Mulch protects the plants' root systems and can add needed nutrients to the soil.
  • It also slows the erosion of topsoil and helps to prevent weeds and retain moisture.

Sprinkler Systems (Spring Activation / Fall Winterization)

  • During our spring activation service, one of our trained technicians will pressurize your system, inspect and adjust all sprinkler heads, adjust your rain sensor (where applicable), inspect each zone valve to be sure it is closing tightly, preventing "zone" leaking. In addition we will pressure test the system for main line leaks. A leaking system is an inefficient system and will inflate your water bill.
  • During the fall winterization of your sprinkler system, we will shut off the water to your system at its source, and pressurize the system with compressed air forcing all of the water out through the sprinkler heads. This guarantees a freeze-proof system all winter long. We suggest this be done before the first freeze.