Landscape Construction

Wolfscape considers everything from drainage to design details, in order to complete projects on-time and within budget. The combination of the right materials, artistic eyes and skilled hands ensures that what you see on paper is what we bring to life. Visit us to see our wide range of stone, brick and plants. The materials we use to build each relationship.


  • Wolfscape patios strive to merge functional, durable spaces with the outdoors, providing a place to relax and entertain.
  • We offer many choices in materials, colors and designs to create a space that fits your needs and budget.

Retaining Walls

  • We can transform an unusable tract of land into a functional area by installing a retaining wall. We make it easy for you to arrange appropriate elements into a pleasing design for your home or business.
  • Proper drainage behind the wall occurs through a sand or gravel backfill and sometimes a drainage pipe is installed, depending on your needs.

Walkways, Stairs & Steps

  • Connecting spaces is just as important as creating the spaces themselves. Whether it is from your business to an outdoor meeting area or from your home to a garden terrace. Wolfscape offers stone and brick in many styles, textures and colors. We create designs that are pleasing, unique and long-lasting.
  • Steps do more than offer access. They also add beauty to any area by combining form and function into and esthetic and pleasing landscape design.
  • We install a variety of walkways in a variety of materials to meet your needs. We install walkways as part of patios, steps and stairs, or alone.

Water Features

  • A water feature, like a pond, fountain or waterfall, provides a peaceful respite from the fast pace of everyday life. Wolfscape offers a wide variety of designs and will work with you to complement that perfect outdoor setting.
  • We can design a water feature that will suite and complement the rest of your landscape hardscapes. The possibilities are endless.
  • Along with all of these great benefits of installing a water feature into your landscape design, is the bonus of adding value to your property, increasing your investment!

Irrigation Systems

With a customized irrigation system you can start enjoying your garden and yard without spending hours watering with the hose. An automatic sprinkler system is an efficient and convenient way to lower your water usage by up to 50%. Our trained professionals know how to create watering zones, install rain sensors and design a system that ensures your lawn stays green and healthy.

Drainage Solutions

  • It doesn’t matter how much you spend on flowers and landscaping If you don’t have the proper grading and drainage in place, all it takes is one bad storm to wreak havoc on your lawn No one wants a pond courtesy of Mother Nature where their beautiful flowerbed used to be.
  • Consider the benefits of improved drainage. You could prevent water damage to your property and save yourself from problems down the road. Call Wolfscape to see how we can help you with your drainage problems.

Outdoor Kitchens & Fire Features

Wolfscape can help you take the pleasure and fun of cooking and entertaining outside! Outdoor entertaining can be easier than you think with a little help from the professionals at Wolfscape.

Don’t let the weather keep you indoors, enjoy the comfort of a fire feature in your landscape. We specialize in fire features from a beautiful stone fireplace to a traditional fire pit.